Rich Wilens

Job Title: Branding for CBD
Company: Internet Marketing, Branding for CBD Businesses both offline and online
Specialization: Research & Development, Lab Testing, Entreprenuership
Location: Fayetteville, Arkansas


  • Favorite Quote:
    There is only one way it wont work. Don’t try it.
    I’m a Airborne Vietnam vet with injuries going back 45 years. The VA took away my opiates and I replaced it with CBD. Now I am pain free and I am writing a book called: You, me and CBD: Living life pain free.I was one of original creators of JVZoo, a digital marketing platform that grossed over one billion dollars in years. I talk about that.I am an author of 12 books from joke books to self help books. I am a international public speaker and I have a media and legal background.

    I have created a marketing CBD program for anyone who has a CBD business both online and offline. I will talk about that as well.

    I have two private label CBD companies and brick and mortar locations.

    I work with Angela Goodman who is a vendor at your events. She is a reference.