Peter Calfee

Favorite Quote: “We will stand on the shoulders of giants, not just to reach higher but to whisper in their ear which direction to wander.” — Anonymous
Biography: What if we could create a community where patients could identify trusted plant medicines and remedies that will actually help them? A community where patients could share their experiences and learn from each other about what medicines really work? That’s what inspires and drives me to fulfill the Gofire mission: The opportunity to improve the health of millions. We have an inherent problem in our culture with how we approach medicine. The opioid addiction crisis is devastating our communities, and many other medicines are not providing the long-term solution patients need. I know first hand the traumatizing impact of opioid addiction, having lost several loved ones to the disease. While no one is suggesting that pharmaceuticals are unnecessary, but there are alternatives that exist that can complement (and in some cases completely replace) higher-risk medicines. I was raised to believe that if you have the tools, you have a moral obligation to leave the world a better place than you found it. I believe Gofire has the tools to change the world, revolutionize health and improve (and even save) lives, and that is what has inspired me to work tirelessly for the past four years.