Nicole Davidsohn

  • Job Title: Co-Founder & Formulator
  • Company: Eva
  • Specialization: Raw Cannabinoids, Autoimmune Disease (IBD, Ulcerative Colitis), Traumatic Brain Injury, Post Concussion Syndrome, Supplements, Nutrition, Ayurvedic and Chinese Herbs, Holistic Wellness
  • Location: Orange County, CA
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  • Biography:
Nicole Davidsohn was born in Los Angeles, CA.  She grew up the youngest of 4, becoming the first in her family to attend college at Antelope Valley Community College before transferring to UC Irvine on a full academic scholarship.  She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Social Behavior in 2011 and shortly after achieved her national certifications in personal training and nutrition consulting from NASM. In 2015, she graduated Oaksterdam University’s Advanced Seminar before moving west to start Eva with Dane Kemp. They opened the first ever 100% comprehensively-lab-tested cannabis delivery. Dane saw a gap in the industry where there were no dispensaries with a high quality menu, or 100% safe supply for people sick like Nicole. They set out to be the first, setting the bar for safe medicine, honesty, and transparency in the cannabis industry with Eva.
After a conversation with Dr. William Courtney, Nicole discovered that raw cannabis juice could heal her traumatic brain injury, while decreasing overall body inflammation. Her post concussion syndrome that she had for almost a year subsided in only 6 weeks after drinking the juice. The juice helped Nicole begin managing her autoimmune disease, Ulcerative Colitis, without the use of expensive pharmaceuticals. Nicole is allergic to Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and is obligated to use herbal medicine to manage pain and other symptoms.
In October 2016, Nicole’s dog Mary Jane was diagnosed with Lymphoma, a form of canine cancer, and given 90 days to live. Nicole and Dane decided to skip the expensive chemotherapy treatments, and began feeding Mary the raw cannabis juice. She immediately responded with energy and a decrease in symptoms. With high hopes, they continued the holistic treatment, giving her an additional 33 months of a happy, healthy doggy life. She was chasing geese 3 days before she passed away from old age, at 15.
Nicole continues to educate people on the benefits of eating raw cannabis flowers, buds, and juice through her company Eva. Eva is the first company known worldwide to do the first ever nutrition test on Cannabis Flowers. They also recently launched a line of Hemp Seasonings that contain 2000mg of their proprietary Flower Powder™. These seasonings allow people to see cannabis as another vegetable/ herb, something to eat daily for nutrition. Eva is pairing up with chefs, restaurants, and grocery stores to supply hemp flowers as another food, similar to hemp seeds and hemp oil already found within stores. Eva is also seeking manufacturers to replace CBD Isolate powders with the fuller than full spectrum organic Flower Powder™.
Nicole continues to educate her customers and partners about the benefits of raw cannabis daily through consultations, events, podcasts, and social media.