Michael Brubeck

Favorite Quote: “Do work.” – Christopher Boykins
Michael is the innovator at the helm of Centuria, a Nevada licensed developer of water-soluble phytocannabinoid ingredients and a Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) manufacturer. His ascent to global cannabis leadership is supported by almost 15 years of developing proprietary technology, trade secrets, and navigating ever-changing global regulatory structures. With Michael’s focus on the mechanization of manufacturing processes and ability to quickly and cheaply scale to meet market demand, Centuria is positioned to continue as a global leader of the cannabis industry.He has accrued a long list of unprecedented cannabis business milestones, including being the first manufacturer to produce 100 tons of cannabis goods in a year in 2016 and the first company to bring a water-soluble product to market in one year prior. Michael was the first entrepreneur to acquire an industrial-scale cultivation-only marijuana permit in North America in 2010. In 2009, when cannabis legislation was in its infancy, he created a legal structure transferring rights from dispensaries and medical marijuana patients to a permitted cultivation collective housed on a 40 acre nursery. His first venture in the industry in 2005 made him one of the first owners/operators of a medical marijuana business in the US. Michael has experience in every facet of the cannabis industry and saw its potential after turning the negative profits or stagnant growth of 14 dispensaries into more than $100M in revenue in under four years under the Bush Administration.In 2017, he added another accomplishment to his list by publishing an investment-focused book on cannabis, “Tipping the Scale.” The first-of-its-kind and Amazon Best-Seller, the book offers a roadmap for investors and a survival guide for industry businesses by outlining strategies and know-how for cannabis investment. The book delivers raw truths and experienced counsel by discussing how the industry operates, its history, the directions it has taken, how it is changing overnight and what the future holds.

Michael’s work follows the mission of making quality cannabis affordable and available to everyone, everywhere. It was in this mission that he has developed two manufacturing facilities with a total of 90,000 square feet, one focusing on extraction and one for CPGs. Combined with a gross daily throughput of 34,000kg per day, Centuria operates the largest water-soluble processing facility in the cannabis space worldwide.