Lynn Marie Morski, MD, Esq.

Lynn Marie Morski, MD, Esq. is a Mayo Clinic-trained physician in family medicine with specialty training in sports medicine. After graduation from sports medicine fellowship, Dr. Morski began work as a physician at the Veterans Administration, and then later began law school at Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego, CA, where she graduated as valedictorian in December 2014. She was admitted to the California Bar in June 2015.
Prior to writing her first book, Quitting by Design, and beginning her first podcast, Quit Happens, she was an adjunct professor of health law, worked in nonpartisan election reform, and served as co-founder, chief medical officer and in-house legal counsel for MedRepublic.
Her biggest frustration during her years working for the federal government at the VA was that she was unable to discuss the benefits of many medications she knew could help the veterans she was serving, like cannabinoid treatments and psychedelic-assisted therapy. After leaving the VA in May of 2019, she made it her mission to help educate her fellow physicians on the plant medicines and entheogens that could bring life-changing relief to their patients, while also educating patients on what options they could seek for treatment of their conditions beyond the pharmaceuticals they’re sold on commercials.