Liz Zucco

Job Title: CEO & Co-Founder
Company: Cannisence Inc.
Specialization: Marketing, Education, Business Management
Location: Ocala, FL


Liz Zucco has a background in technology funding, federal compliance and business management. This is not her first CBD start up. She and her partners have regrouped to give the discerning CBD user a safe, reliable and affordable experience while exploring CBD for improved health and wellness.

Recognizing that the CBD consumer is eager for knowledge and health innovation, Cannisence has been organized to help discuss product usage, assurances of product safety, and to provide better customer support while delivering affordable CBD products. Ms. Zucco and her partners are focused on addressing the needs of the CBD consumer and adding value to the conversation about CBD and its potential for a healthier life.

Ms. Zucco is joined by seasoned business and medical professionals who are interested in expanding the conversation about CBD, its uses and potential.