Lisa Lytton

  • Job Title: Founder
  • Company: Moodboxx
  • Specialization: Content creation, visual storytelling, digital marketing, entrepreneurship, building a national brand
  • Location: San Diego, CA, USA
  • Website
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  • Favorite Quote: “Inspiration is for amateurs—the rest of us just show up and get to work” Chuck Close
Biography: My personal passion lies in the power of visual storytelling and empowering people to tell their own stories, which led me to help create Moodboxx. Now I can help other CBD businesses amplify their brand in this increasingly crowded marketplace.

Lisa Lytton is the founder of Moodboxx, a Southern California-based business that offers a curated, mood-enhancing box experience with exceptional full-spectrum hemp CBD products for women.

Lisa launched Moodboxx in 2019 with a vision for curated boxed Mood Collections. The five Mood Collections are Sensuality, Creativity, Serenity, Happiness, and Curiosity— all designed to gently #tuneyourmood. Moodboxx is also a response to the proliferation of marginal CBD products currently flooding the market. Consumers need a guide to the best new CBD products, and an assurance of quality.  Lisa discovers smaller crafters creating quality CBD products, made from US-farmed hemp, and always third-party tested for both strength and purity. Moodboxx supports organic practices and small farmers to deliver products that are safe, effective, ethical and truly vibrant. Moodboxx presents brand stories for each of the unique brands on the site so consumers can get to know the makers.

Lisa has a robust background in both digital publishing and product development. Lytton was the director of digital storytelling and digital editions for National Geographic. While there, she launched interactive digital editions on ios, Amazon, Android and web, resulting in new revenue streams across all digital platforms. The NGM digital editions won an unprecedented number of top-tier industry awards, including five consecutive best tablet awards from ASME, the American Society of Magazine Editors.

Her most recent role before Moodboxx was as chief of product development for Ingage, a small software company where her team conceived and built an ipad and iphone app, as well as reimagining an older SAAS platform for visual brand storytelling and marketing. Her leadership combines creative strategy and user-centric design thinking.