Katie Devoe

Job Title: Co-Founder & Principle
Company: CBD Nationwide and CannaCertified
Specialization: Manufacturing, Operations, & Education
Location: Oceanside, CA
Website: cbdnationwide.com


Favorite Quote: The only things stronger than knowledge is curiosity!
As a product of her experience, Katie realized the importance of educating people about cannabis, hemp, and the cannabinoids found in the plant that can contribute to optimizing health and wellness. She is passionate about empowering people through education and inspiring them into action!
  • One of the Original edibles and extract companies in California operating since 2009
  • Top 10 CBD products of 2017 (Sacred Biology Deodorant #5)
  • Best Edibles to Balance your High (Paradise #5, CBD Living #3 manufacture both brands)
  • Netflix Documentary