Jessica Arent

Company: Neo-Cure North America
Specialization: Product Manufacturing
Location: Irvine, CA


Favorite Quote: “No one can build you the bridge on which you, and only you, must cross the river of life” – Nietzsche
I fell into CBD/Hemp by accident and fell in love with it, many years ago and I have been passionate about it since. My mother, never sick a day in her life, fell down one day at age 75 returning a diagnosis of Stage 4 Cancer. She was projected to live 6 months. Prescribing to holistic medicine as a code, she denied any traditional treatment and set off looking for alternative options. Rick Simpson oil has sustained her these past four years, and she now formulates her own protocols . Why? She doesn’t trust where many brands are being manufactured. Many produce product in their home kitchen for market which is great, if you are accustomed to the environment, but many are not……and then there is sourcing safe material….. pesticide free and solvent free… Welcome to my passion! GMP Manufacturing of CBD products and the “WHY” of my daily life- Mom’s home kitchen of extraction works for her, she is acclimated to her environment, but what about those who aren’t? The exposure and risk is great….
  • Freelance Author for Hemp Connoisseur Magazine
  • Winter 2018 – MJTOO and the Sexual Harrassment that no one talks about in the industry
  • Spring 2019 – The Hemp Bill of 2018 and the laws as they now stand…..