James Schwartz, BSN, LNC

James Schwartz BSN, LNC, is an experienced medical legal consultant and CEO of CascadeHigh Organics with 20years experience cultivating legal cannabis. James is a self-described organic minimalist cultivating in the most sustainable manner. James believes in clean Cannabis and its use as a wellness drug. His Oregon licensed cultivation has been featured in Dope Magazine, Oregon Leaf Magazine, and has articles in both publications as well. James is a former member of NCIA Cultivation Committee and has presented at multiple Cannabis and CBD conferences all over the country. James was a drafter and is a signature on the written testimony to the FDA and congress on behalf of NCIA for CBD policy.  His business, legal, medical, and agricultural knowledge provides a comprehensive perspective on the cannabis industry. James has lobbied for Cannabis on both the national and state level with Oregon Cannabis Association and is a fierce advocate for the plant and cannabinoid therapeutics.
  • June 2016- Dope Magazine Farm Feature (highlighting medical knowledge)
  • July 2016 – Dope Magazine Oil Feature
  • The End Of Cannabis Small Business: How the Pharmaceutical Industry is Preparing to Take Over Cannabis by James Schwartz
  • April 2017 – Toke Talks – Pharmaceutical Takeover of the Cannabis Industry
  • June 2017 – PDX Hempfest – Minimalist Organic Farming
  • August 2017 – Cannabis Science Conference- Organic Farming and the Endocannabinoid System
  • Cultivation Classic 2017 – Innovation award for Sustainability -Cascade High
  • March 2018 – Oregon Leaf Sustainability issue cover feature and farm feature
  • Cultivation Classic 2018 award for CBD – Cannatonic
  • August 2018- Cannabiz Conference – Key Strategic Principles to a Successful Cannabiz
  • September 2018 – CBD Health and Wellness Webinar on “CBD: Bridging the Gap and Breaking Down Barriers and Stereotypes of Cannabinoids
  • NCIA Cultivation Committee