Irene Howcroft

Irene has a Masters Degree in Psychology, is a  Certified K-9 Master Trainer and  grew up with working dogs receiving her first Dog Handler Certificate for children under 12 in South Africa.
Ruidoso Malinois supplies working K-9’s both domestically and internationally to Enforcement Agencies, Department of Defense and Security Companies. Many dogs from the Ruidoso Malinois breeding program are working as Single and Dual Purpose K-9 in a variety of agencies and both Domestically and Internationally. The Department of Defense, Mauritania, started their entire K9 program with foundation dogs from the Ruidoso Malinois breeding program. Irene developed and instructed the first U.S. Department of State K-9 program for the Department of Corrections, Mexico. Ruidoso Malinois is considered one of the strongest exclusively Belgian Malinois kennels internationally.
Irene is an invited speaker/instructor at national Police K-9 seminars and will be addressing the unique security challenges faced by the cannabis industry and the successful application of K-9’s as a solution to this challenge. All dogs are custom trained for individual clients unique needs.