Grady (James) Camp

  • Job Title: COO
  • Company: DMO Holdings Corp.
  • Specialization: Cannabis Sector
  • Location: USA
  • Linkedin:


Favorite Quote:
“Life begins just outside your comfort zone.”
A native New Yorker with a  passion for entrepreneurship. I constantly look for opportunities to help startups with their growth strategies. I have been fortunate enough to work on digital strategy for a myriad of early-stage startups, as well as multi-national brands like Mckinsey & Company, and Lionsgate. Currently, I spend the majority of my time running one of the largest investment focused platforms in the cannabis sector,
I am a Mentor at Google Launchpad, one of Googles Hyper-Accelerator programs for startups, where I teach growth hacking strategies. In the past, I have mentored at accelerators around the world, including MaGIC in Malaysia.  I am also a contributor on several platforms including and