Gene Fein

Job Title: CEO
Company: TheraJoy Pharma
Specialization: Global Evolution of Hemp Production


  • I’m a veteran music entertainment (250+ shows produced, 100+ shows directed) and technology (120 US Patents) executive who saw the opioid crisis as the primary reason to start researching CBD in 2012 and then form TheraJoy in 2016. Our goal was to create the finest quality product at the lowest possible price, so we could help as many people as possible, while still being profitable, but not greedy. Since then, we have been studying domestic & international markets, legality, legislation, product efficacy, product verticals, retail environments, etc. This includes launching our successful TheraJoy brand in tandem with forming alliances and gaining greater understanding of CBD’s emerging role across the globe, from the Europe to the Caribbean to Asia. The fast-moving legal and product landscape across the globe evolves on a weekly basis. I am well-versed on the CBD global landscape, with deep contacts across many continents and enjoy sharing what I have learned.