Dr. Zeid Mohamedali MD, PhD, FRCS(C)

I am one of Canada’s foremost experts on medical cannabis. In addition to acting as Chief Medical Officer at Zenabis, one of the largest licensed producers of medical and recreational cannabis in the country, I am a renowned surgeon, entrepreneur, and an advisor to large pharmaceutical companies. I’m also the holder of several patents for medical devices designed to treat chronic pain, and an in-demand speaker and educator. With a specialized background in cannabis and pain management, I am passionate about contributing to new
methods, approaches, and insights into the way we treat patients both today and into the future. I consult as a urological surgeon at several hospitals in British Columbia, and I currently serve a large practice of patients through my growing medical cannabis pain management practice.As a lover of research, I have authored many papers in peer-reviewed journals on the topic of aging
and cancer, cancer detection methods, and cell biology processes. For this, I have been lucky enough to be rewarded with numerous awards and honors from the American Urological Association, Canadian Cancer Society, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada and Medical Research Council of Canada.I am presently involved in cannabis research for migraines and pelvic pain and am an investigator in phase 4 clinical trial in narcotic and benzodiazepine reduction using cannabis.