Dr. Roberta (Dr. Bo) DeLuca

  • Biography:
    “Dr. Roberta (Dr. Bo) DeLuca, FACHE is a retired doctor and 35+ year Hospital, Medical and Legal Professional.Dr. DeLuca founded her own entrepreneurial concierge medical consulting firm in 1997 and traveled/worked domestically (WEEKLY!) in 46 states, contracting as a VP Partner for the top 3 medical consulting firms in the US and in Dubai, UAE contacting with EMMAR (Sheik) for the build of 3 Greenfield Ambulatory Surgical Centers .Doctor DeLuca began her cannabis research in the late 1960s to investigate, “The potential future medical benefits of Cannabis.” In the 1970s, she expanded on her thesis and was on the road to a career as a Cannabis expert.
    Following her retirement from Medicine in 2015, she joined CBDBiocare as a Partner in 2017. She is deemed an expert for Cannabis and now represents her own company featuring oils, pain balm, anti-aging skincare and pet care lines.
    She is the published author of the book, The Impact and Implications of Transformational Leadership Theory… in the Healthcare C- Suite:… , a number of recent Cannabis focused magazine articles, (Alive, Live Strong, VanDerPop, Bustle, Lift, Tokyo Smoke, and others), and in SF area newspapers. She has been a featured guest on CBD podcasts and radio Interviews, She authors a blog and maintains a CBD legal and clinical elibrary of 600 clinical or legal documents she shares with her Affiliates.
    Her last engagement was in Anaheim at the West Coast CBD Expo in September, where she participated in a CBDExpoWest panel, “Jocks and Docs. “ (She was the Doc).
    CV/Resume mailed to Christine Tellez under separate cover ..

    Since my retirement in 2017, I have been pursuing a mission to get the CBD message out to my MD, medical practitioners and attorney colleagues. My goal has been
    Advocacy, education and the promotion of CBD when it can serve as an alternative to (unnecessary) opioids. (It is a given that some people must have opioids) . When every option has.been exhausted or if a patient wants to use CBD for a proven clinical benefit (i.e. , a. certain disease or diagnosis), that decision shows we are making progress in getting education to the public.

    Dr. Roberta DeLuca, DBA/MD, JD, MHA, BS, FACHE
    Wrote first Cannabis research paper in the late 60s (6th rade, revisited and abridged in Early 70s (10th grade), An Introduction to Cannabis and its future Potential In health and medicineEXPERIENCE
    2017-Present RADical Relief Distributors (CBD) and CBDBiocare
    CBD Educator to MD, ND, Medical Practitioner, Attorney and Consumer populations
    Media personality…Published Book -Author,Healthcare Transformational Leadership in the C-suite. (2000),
    podcast, iheart radio and local long range radio
    Author, speaker, cbdexpoWest panelist
    Cannabis Publications… writer/contributor:
    Journal of Chiropractic Medicine; Cannabis -CBD/lifestyle and Culture Magazines (Alive, Lift, L ive Strong, Van der Pop, newspaper (SF Bay area),conference speaker and panelist
    Build 600+ clinical research and legal case Cannabis library1997- 2017 The RADGROUP Medicine and IT Concierge Consulting
    Entrepreneurial founder of Medicine and IT concierge consulting firm
    Contract engagements with medical, healthcare enterprises, hospitals in 46 States, contract advisor to major consulting and IT firms: IBM, CSC, ACS, EMAAR (Dubai); boutique medicine firms (DARCA and HDS); and IT Medicine vendor, MEDITECH. Negotiate international Medicine- IT consulting contracts and residence in Dubai, Scotland, South Africa
    Travel weekly for 20 years (except 9/11 which was sons’16th birthday. Weekly regular flight was Flight 93. It went down 20 miles from engagement hospital and apartment in PA
    VISITING adjunct college professor, California State University, Fresno

    1987-1997 Valley Childrens Hospital
    Medicine, PPO (Physician Provider Organization) Commitee chairman
    Physician Remuneration Committee and Hospital-wide continuous quality improvement patient Throughput (Flow) Committee

    Nova Southeastern University
    San Joaquin College of Law
    Chapman University
    CSUF Fresno

    Author(2000). Impact and Implications of Transformational Leadership in the Healthcare C-Suite.
    Design, Program, Test and Sell new application specifications to one of Top 3 global Medical IT computer companies
    Writer/Collaborator for 7 Cannabis/Lifestyle/Culture Magazines, SF newspaper, blog Speaker – iheart and other longe range radio and podcasts
    Presenter – Childrens Hospital Network, international MUSE, ACHE, HIMSS professional societies and associations
    Panel participant CBDExpoWest

    Affiliations and Associations:
    Regional Peer Group Leader(MUSE – Medical Users Systems Exchange)
    International Peer Group Leader(MUSE – Medical Users Systems Exchange)
    Fellow, American College of Healthcare Executives (Lifetime – LFACHE)
    VISITING adjunct college professor, California State University, Fresno”