Derek Du Chesne

Favorite Quote:
“When you know better, you do better.”
By working with today’s leading farms, labs, distributors and brands, Derek strategically streamlines product and brand development for all parties within the industry to make CBD more globally accessible so that people from all walks of life enjoy healthy, happy and pain-free lives. Supply chain specialist who has helped develop the first truly vertical seed-to-sale infrastructure. Brand management professional who leverages all elements of an integrated marketing plan, through concept, development, and launch, building iconic brands by orchestrating successful campaign deployment on both a global and regional scale.EcoGen Laboratories (Chief Growth Officer): Raw Materials | Supply Chain Operations | Genetics | White-label Manufacturing | Provide strategic, tactical, and operational leadership to design, develop, and deploy EcoGen Laboratories agenda. Accountable for growth including oversight of expansion, product development, sales operations, new revenue, and strategy. Ensuring that marketing, sales and products have a budget that allows for experimentation while achieving business revenue and profit objectives.

Prior to working in the health & wellness arena, 4 years as a marketing executive responsible for the explosive viral launch of multiple apps via experiential events, strategic partnerships, and celebrity endorsements. After graduating from UCLA, (University of Wisconsin under-grad) Derek was an Actor, Producer, Stunt Performer, and Writer. Derek has played opposite Michael C. Hall and Julia Stiles (Dexter), Esai Morales & Raymond Cruz (Los Americans), Bruce Willis (Mauraders), and Robert DeNiro (Heist).

I’d like to start off with a simulated phone call where I’m calling to source CBD raw materials as a brand – then go down the rabbit hole of false promises and “manufacturer *broker” misrepresentations. The point of this exercise is to teach entrepreneurs and people who are interested in starting a CBD company how to navigate the murky waters of the supply chain and how to ask the right questions.Questions like: Do you grow your own hemp? How many acres? What strains? How many plants per acre? What sort of irrigation? Organic methods? Do you process your own hemp? Butane/CO2/Ethanol? What’s your output per day of crude? How much biomass are you processing per day? What’s your output of isolate per day? What’s your lead time? Do you require a deposit? MAY I VISIT THE FACILITY (that’s a big one) and several other crucial questions to ask to find out if you’re dealing with a credible manufacturer or are they the “middle man.” How to avoid getting scammed and how to build a relationship with a quality supply chain!

After this exercise I will go in to the reasons that knowing/understanding your supply chain every step of the way is so critical to your end product. Everything starts with the CBD, let’s make sure you get it right. This is the first step & an extremely significant one, that is often overlooked. Every brand that’s trying to stay relevant right now is slapping CBD on their labels, most without understanding their supply chain which has gotten several great brands in a lot of trouble – after consumers get independent lab tests on their products.