Claudia Post

  • Job Title: Owner
  • Company: Smokin’ Hot Solutions
  • Specialization: Cannabis Marketing
  • Location: Philadelphia/PA/USA
  • Website:
  • Linkedin:
Claudia Post is an award-winning and seasoned leader, business owner, nonprofit executive and experienced problem solver with the ability to steer change and transform organizations. Post founded Diamond Courier Service, Inc., a same day, time-critical, bicycle and car delivery service, which became a multi-million-dollar organization. Post most recently founded Claudia Post Advisors, a marketing, sales, logistics, and management consulting company. As a facilitator, Claudia Post enables organizations and individuals to realize their full potential. Having recognized cannabis as the next frontier, Post founded Smokin’ Hot Solutions – which focuses on digital marketing communications for the industry. Armed with a tremendous amount of knowledge and a huge network of connections in the industry, she distinguishes her agency by being at the forefront of all things cannabis related. Equipped with a wealth of business acumen, she connects the dots for her clients.