Christina Sasser

  • Job Title: CEO
  • Company: Vital Leaf
  • Specialization: I’m a holistic chef, natural product formulator, and long time food educator, as well as being the CEO of a thriving CBD products company, so I am very comfortable speaking to many different topics and aspects of this industry
  • Location: Portland, Oregon
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Favorite Quote:
“Work is love made visible.”
Christina is the visionary force behind the Vital Leaf edibles line, which focuses on creating CBD infused products, including organic, fair-trade, regeneratively sourced Chocolates, Oil drop Elixirs, Topicals, and other specialty superfood charged edibles. She is an educator and one of her greatest passions has been teaching the art of living what she calls an “Activated” lifestyle. Since 2015 she has co-produced & curated a transformational pop-up cooking school for festivals, called the Nourishment Lab. In addition to teaching she previously owned an own artisanal catering, personal chef, and artisanal live-cultured products company, Activation Foods. In 2016 she started the next foodie business adventure with the creation of Vital Leaf. As the CEO she wears many hats….including chief product formulator, marketing and brand development, and creating strong investor and partnership relationships. She supports and collaborates with local, organic, regenerative, and wild crafted food producers to strengthen regional food security & justice, and to create the most pure, delicious, healing, and nourishing whole foods in the most ethical and honest way possible.
  • “Featured in the New York Times, PopSugar, Thrive Magazine, Spirituality & Health, and Mantra Magazines.