Brandon Pitcher

Job Title: Founder
Company: MZM, Inc.
Specialization: Change Agent / Educator / Founder / Social and Ecological Entrepreneur
Location: Kokomo/Indiana/USA


Brandon is an award winning change agent and educator, having gained an understanding of social and ecological entrepreneurship at an early age.
He has led public and private workshops on design solutions for over a decade and has presented across the globe, including MIT, Yale, the United Nations University in Tokyo and many other venues on his work in Indiana, sustainability and zero emissions.
He is currently working with a variety of organizations from global industries to small not-for-profits and local municipalities along with entrepreneurs, pushing the boundaries, inspired by the innovations found within nature while exposing others to the opportunities to do better with what we have.
Brandon is a ZERI certified practitioner and promoter of the Blue Economy ( and has traveled extensively to nearly 40 countries researching dozens of global projects, learning, and sharing along the way. He has appeared on numerous radio shows, TV spots, and newspaper and magazine articles in central Indiana and internationally.