Brandon Palma

Job Title: Founder
Company: 8th Day Create
Specialization: Branding, Graphic Design, Publications, Marketing
Location: Seattle, CA

Favorite Quote:
“Pressure Makes Diamonds”
Brandon Palma truly believes in this plant and its use for innovative and positive experiences. His path in being of service to reclaiming Cannabis to it’s rightful proper place in 2011 as the original brand creator of Dope Magazine, creating not only the logo but art directing and and leading the first 10 issues in 2011-2012 as well as publication years 2015-2016. During that time Brandon found a wider opportunity to be of service through creative work by founding his own creative studio, 8th Day Create, in which he would foster massive creative growth and expansion for cannabis brands.
Original brand creator and art director of Dope Magazine
Dope Magazine 2016 Art Director, team member – “Inc. Mag Top 500 companies, #688”
Dope Magazine -“Cannabis Awards Publication of the Year 2015”
The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising Graduate, Graphic Design 2005 AA