Alex Seleznov

Favorite Quote:
“…that progress is not measured in miles, it is measured in inches.” Neale Donald Walsch
Alex Seleznov founded and designed the vertical integration of Advanced Extraction, LLC in 2015. An innovative company specializing in organically produced Hemp Products that strive toward everything being done by working and living consciously. As President and CFO, Alex’s responsibilities include complex reconciliations, solutions for increased profitability and systematically creating processes to improve efficiency. Also, he manages the most publicly known division of AE, Pure Hemp Botanicals, which has been recognized as a global leader in Hemp- based CBD products. Prior to the organization of the Company Alex was a financial analyst for Tagawa Greenhouse Enterprises, operating more than 2 million square feet of greenhouse space across three different states, and a controller for Seleznov Capital Advisors with over twenty years business experience in accounting and finance with the last seven years in the horticultural and cannabis industry. He is a board member and Treasurer for the National Hemp Association and has appeared at numerous speaking events such as NOCO, Colorado AG Forum & CWCBE. He has provided content and appeared in Greenhouse Grower Magazine, Hemp Industry Daily and Hemp Connoisseur Magazine as one of the “100 People you should know.”