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Job Title:  Chromatography Technical Manager Company: Columbia Food Labs/Pixis Labs Specialization: Analytical Chemistry Location:  Portland Website: Linkedin: Biography: Wesley Maguire is the Chromatography Manager for Pixis Labs and Columbia Food Labs in Portland, Oregon. He has a decade of experience in residue analysis and specializes in method development for complex matrices. At Pixis/CFL, Wesley

Job Title: Attorney Company: Kight on Cannabis Specialization:  Legal Location:  Asheville, North Carolina, USA Website: Linkedin: Favorite Quote: Biography: Rod is a cannabis business law attorney who lives in Asheville, NC. He represents legal cannabis businesses throughout the country and the world and is the author of the Kight On Cannabis law blog, a popular

Job Title: Chief Science Officer Company: Evio Labs Specialization: Science/Testing/Lab Location: US Website: Linkedin: Biography: Dr. Anthony Smith received his Ph.D. from Oregon State University in Molecular & Cellular Biology with an emphasis on biochemistry, metabolism and nutrition. He brings over 15 years of natural product research, quality assurance, product development, GMP manufacturing, FDA

Job Title: VP of Cultivation Company: SC Botanicals Specialization: Research & Production Location: Pickens/SC/USA Website: Linkedin: Biography: Allison Justice graduated from Clemson University with a Ph.D. in Plant and Environmental Science. Justice’s dissertation involved investigating the effects of a beneficial mycorrhizal type organism (Piriformospora india), where she learned that organic, sustainable growing can be

Job Title: CSO & Founder Company: DSTest Laboratories Specialization: Research/Testing & Education Location: Indianapolis Website: Indianapolis Linkedin: Favorite Quote: Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever. Biography: As an alternative to traditional drugs, functional food and dietary supplements can help in the prevention or treatment of several diseases. Based on my education and experience in the

Job Title: President & CFO Company: Advanced Extraction, LLC Specialization: Advanced Extraction, LLC Location: Brighton, CO Website: Linkedin: Favorite Quote: “…that progress is not measured in miles, it is measured in inches.” Neale Donald Walsch Biography: “Alex Seleznov founded and designed the vertical integration of Advanced Extraction, LLC in 2015. An innovative company specializing

Job Title: Executive Director, Medical Company: Slyngshot Health, Inc. Specialization: Medical Practice, Education Location: Miami, FL, USA Website: Linkedin: Biography: As a clinician, Dr. Randy Fink is Medical Director of the Miami Center of Excellence, and Florida Keys Obstetrics & Gynecology. He is a highly in-demand gynecologist and specialist in hormone management for men &

Job Title: Chief Growth Officer Company: EcoGen Labs Specialization: Supply Chain Location: Los Angeles/CA/USA Website: Linkedin: Favorite Quote: “When you know better, you do better.” Biography: By working with today’s leading farms, labs, distributors and brands, Derek strategically streamlines product and brand development for all parties within the industry to make CBD more globally accessible

Job Title: FACHE is a retired doctor and 35+ year Hospital, Medical and Legal Professional Company: RADicalRelief Distributors; CBDBiocare Specialization: Education, research, legal, advocacy and promotion Location: Fresno,cA 93711 Website:; Linkedin: Biography: “Dr. Roberta (Dr. Bo) DeLuca, FACHE is a retired doctor and 35+ year Hospital, Medical and Legal Professional.Dr. DeLuca founded her own entrepreneurial

Job Title: CEO Company: Gofire Specialization: Healthcare technology Location: Denver/Colorado/United States Website: Linkedin: Favorite Quote: “We will stand on the shoulders of giants, not just to reach higher but to whisper in their ear which direction to wander.” — Anonymous Biography: What if we could create a community where patients could identify trusted plant medicines