Keynote Speaker – Celeste Miranda

Keynote Speaker – Tim Shu

The Science has Spoken: What We’ve Learned from CBD Research
The Power is Within Us: Patient’s Perspective to the Endocannabinoid System and CBD
CBD Coming Soon to a Clinic Near You
Understanding the Fuzz: The Muddled Legal Landscape Regarding CBD
Individualized, Artistic Medicine: Compounding Cannabis Oil to Suite Your Specific Needs
Mislabeled CBD
Physician and Athletes
The Calming Peace of Being Able to Forget: PTSD & CBD
VetsPets, and CBD
The Trial Has Begun: The Return of Pharmaceutical Cannabinoid Science
CBD for Seniors
Mislabeled CBD = Misjudging Your Day
My Dog Ate it: Vets, Pets, & CBD
The Power is Within Us: Patient’s Perspective on the Endocannabinoid System and CBD
CBD for Mental & Emotional Health
CBD & Eye Health
Healthy Pets; Happy Planet
The Changing Regulatory Landscape of Cannabinoid Therapies
Unlocking the Potential of Cannabinoids
Paradigm Prevention
CBD Products, Compliant Analytical Testing & Food Safety Regulations
The Hemp Entourage Effect & Acidic Cannabinoids
Safety and Efficacy of CBD Oil Based Phytoceuticals
Purchasing CBD: What to Look For & What to Look Out For
Navigating Industrial Hemp Regulations
How to Create Your Own CBD Product & Launch Your CBD Brand
Healing with Hemp CBD
The CBD Sisters
CBD: The Unhigh
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