Shira Adler

Shira Adler

Founder & CEO

Company: Shira Synergy
Specialization: CBD Everything: Education, Legal, Marketing, Advocacy/Activism, Brand Building/Entrepreneurship, Integrative Wellness, Holistic Parenting & Personal Empowerment


  • Favorite Quote: “Never go to a doctor whose office plants have died.” – Erma Bombeck
    Short Bio: Shira Adler, Founder, CEO & President of Shira Synergy, has spent a lifetime helping others overcome myriad life challenges, obstacles, and personal issues. Media wellness personality, author (of “The ABCs of CBD”), speaker, activist/advocate, and entrepreneur, Shira was forced to go beyond Western medicine to seek answers and new tools to help her own family survive and thrive in today’s world. As a result, Shira formed her media wellness and consumer products company to merge ancient wisdom with modern science. Reuters called her #TheMarijuanaMama and others have given her nicknames/hashtags including #CannaGodmother, #ThePotMom, #MAMA (Modern Alternative Mom Advocate), #MetaphysicalMrsFields, and more. Shira’s passion and purpose are to educate, uplift, and inspire on a “whole You” level.
    I’m honored that my work in the world, whether delivered in person, or through my products, resonates so strongly for everyone with whom I come into conscious contact. I’m equally grateful for the reception I’ve received for my book, “The ABCs of CBD: The Essential Guide for Parents (and regular folks too), which has been highly recommended as the “definitive resource”, “a goldmine” for the CBD industry — coming out in its revised edition early July, 2018 (California book tour – Fall, 2018).Shortly after its release, my book was chosen for High Times’ lead review in the “100 Most Influential People in Cannabis” April, 2018 issue, and the Featured Review in Dope Magazine for their April – May, 2018 issue (among others).

    I’m humbled to have many accolades across the spectrum of my work as speaker, female entrepreneur/CEO, activist/advocate, and author. Here are a couple of kind comments:

    “Shira is a force, with a network that has exploded in growth following the publication of her novel, The ABCs of CBD. Shira possesses the unique abilities to engage and captivate the most diverse audiences, and is a treasured speaker at cannabis events nationwide.”

    ~ Lauren Rudick, Esq. (Hiller PC & Associates, NYC)
    (Lauren is one of the two attorneys who filed the 2017 Federal cannabis lawsuit: Marvin Washington, et al vs. Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions, et al)


    “Author Shira Adler spoke at the recent World Cannabis Congress at the Javits in NYC. Shira is articulate, knowledgeable, and passionate — about this misunderstood plant. Shira is a domain expert on CBD and the minefield of issues — for consumers, medical professionals, and investors.”

    ~ Jeanne M. Sullivan (Investor, Advisor, Speaker)


    “Shira Adler is a warm, wise, and welcome voice for our time. Shira’s new book: The ABCs of CBD, is a rare find — highly intelligent, at times humorous, and easily accessible no matter what your background, belief, education, or experience. The information Shira shares in this book is a game changer for us all — as parents — and as human beings.”

    ~ David Meltzer (Author, Speaker, Humanitarian)

    2018 Conferences and Events (partial list) at which I’ve been asked to speak, or moderate:

    ~ Women Grow National Leadership Summit
    Denver, CO, Feb., 2018
    Moderator: Chronic Pain and Opiates vs. Cannabis Medicine

    ~ C.E.A.S.E.Con (Cannabis Education Advocacy Symposium & Expo)
    Oklahoma City, OK, February, 2018
    Speaker: CBD, THC & Other Cannabinoids

    ~ The ABCs of CBD: Book Signing Event (420 Book Society & Bud and Bloom Dispensary)
    Santa Ana, CA – March, 2018

    ~ CannabisLearn Conference & Expo
    Philadelphia, PA, April 30-May2
    Two member panel: The Evolution of CBD Products

    ~ Women Grow Signature Event – NYC
    NYC, May, 2018
    Panelist: “Cannamompreneurs” / Industry Leaders & Female Cannabis Business Owners

    ~ NYC Cannabis Parade & Rally
    NYC, May, 2018
    Speaker Topic: CBD Necessity & Legality

    ~ CWCBE (Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo)
    NYC, May 31 – June 2, 2018
    Panelist: Don’t Mess with Jeff Sessions (Regulatory issues for today’s canna-businesses)

    ~ Ellementa NYC Launch
    NYC, June, 2018
    Panelist: Cannabis, Womanhood & Motherhood (panel with Dr. June Chin & Dr. Sang Choi)

    ~ Eastern U.S. Hemp Growers Conference & Expo
    Albany, NY, June 2018
    Panelist: Navigating the Gauntlet of the CBD Market


    ~ Cannabis for Sport: Fitness, Recovery, and Wellbeing (SoHo House, NYC, July 16)
    Speaker, with Athletes for Care Co-Founder / former Philadelphia Flyer, Riley Cote

    ~ CannatopiaCon – Education Seminar for Hemp & Medical Cannabis (NYC, July 26)
    Speaker, with other keynote Marvin Washington, MMJ advocate & former NFL Super Bowl winner”

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