James Ott

James Ott


Company: CFH, Ltd
Specialization: Vertically Integrated Hemp CBD Genetics, Production, Extraction, Formulation Ingredients & Consumer Products
Website: cfh.ltd

Favorite Quote: “All CBD IS THE SAME” – That statement should be an automatic red flag to a consumer


Avoiding the Pitfalls of Sourcing CBD ingredients is a topic that I have presented before and seems very appropriate for most audiences. With high demand, no standardized practices, and limited understanding about out the variability in quality, efficacy or source of Hemp derived CBD, it is the ultimate “buyer beware” industry. The presentation will help consumers, suppliers, and product manufacturers understand the importance of “knowing your CBD source” and provide tips on what to look for and what to look out for when purchasing CBD as an ingredient and as a consumer product.
  • Serves on the Colorado Department of Agriculture’s Hemp Advisory Committee
  • Vice Chair of the National Cannabis Industry Institute’s Cultivation Committee
  • Frequently speaks at industry conferences and events on the topics of Genetic Development, Plant & Production Science, Standardization of Industry Practices and Business Development
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