Ian Quinn

Ian Quinn


Company: Phyto Animal Health
Specialization: CBD for Pets, Education, Legal, and Medical Applications
Country of Origin: USA
Website: Phytoanimalhealth.com


  • Ian Quinn, Chief Executive Officer and his dog, Dante the Service Pit, founded Phyto Animal Health in 2017 after discovering the advantages of CBD while volunteering with the VA. Hoping to provide these same benefits of CBD to Dante, Ian connected with some of the nation’s leading veterinarians and animal healthcare specialists. Amazed at how Dante responded to CBD, Ian set out to create a line of environmentally-friendly hemp products and CBD supplements specifically formulated by veterinarians to promote health and wellness in pets.

    Ian has worked in the animal health industry for nearly a decade. Prior to launching Phyto Animal Health, he worked at a globally recognized pet medical device company, where he supported veterinarians, veterinary colleges, and zoologists. He is professional and relates to the consumer and customer on many levels. His extensive knowledge in the medical and pet industry makes him successful and his ability to apply that knowledge in a meaningful way allows him to genuinely help his customers, many of which are loyal and long term.

    1. Honor & Award
      • Silver Life Award – USMA Hall of Fame Induction”
    2. Certifications
      • Certified Anger Management Specialist – I
      • Full Instructor Jeet Kune Do & Kali Escrima Arnis
    3. Publications
      • Just Yell Fire: Campus Life Instructors Manual
      • Street Safe: 15 Life Saving Techniques Which Would You Use?
      • Just Yell Fire: Campus Life (film)
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