Heidi Urness

Heidi Urness

Strategic Legal Counsel

Company: Cultiva Law, PLLC
Specialization: Cannabis Litigation
Website: cultivalaw.com


  • Heidi Urness, Strategic Legal Counsel at Cultiva Law, is a Chicago born-and-raised litigator. With a background in corporate litigation and environmental compliance, Heidi is thrilled to meld these passions to cultivate effective legal solutions across all stages of corporate development, operation, and litigation.

    After gaining sub rosa insights into the highest levels of judicial decision-making while serving as the Judicial Assistant to the Presiding Justice of the First District Court of Appeal in California, Heidi relocated to Seattle and joined Cultiva Law, where she leverages her skill, tenacity, and reputation for results to develop and execute insightful legal strategies on behalf of clients including corporate entities and/or individual members, licensees, investors, entrepreneurs, and more.

    Heidi is a leading authority on CBD legalities, advising clients and speaking to CBD community members across the country about the conflicting and evolving landscape of legal, state, and regulatory requirements. Drawing on these experiences, Heidi published the authoritative, “Unlikely Heroes in Hemp Legalization: An Analysis of Hemp Industries Association, et al. v. U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (Case No. 17-70162) and the Hemp Farming Act of 2018 (S. 2667)” in May, following the Ninth Circuit’s decision approving the DEA’s addition of cannabis extracts to the Controlled Substances Act. After speaking about the impact of this case on the CBD community throughout Summer 2018, and making certain predictions regarding the legal future and judicial treatment of “cannabinoids that have been derived from any plant of the genus Cannabis,” (81 FR 90194; effective 01/13/2017) Heidi published an update titled “The Evolving and Conflicting Landscape of Hemp and CBD Laws” in September, in anticipation of Congress’ failure to pass the 2018 Farm Bill by October (link: https://cultivalaw.com/evolving-conflicting-hemp-cbd-laws/). Following the DEA’s rescheduling of some CBD at the end of September 2018, Heidi also published a comprehensive article detailing the interactions of existing laws, and the impact of these laws on existing and future hemp and CBD companies and consumers (link: https://cultivalaw.com/some-cbd-rescheduled-dea-controlled-substances-act/). Heidi looks forward to continuing to educate and empower the cannabis community, and she looks forward to the opportunity to discuss these and other issues at the CBD Expo East.

    Heidi graduated from Wake Forest University with a degree in Psychology, and received her J.D. from the University of San Francisco School of Law. She is a member of the WSBA Cannabis Law Section and WSBA Editorial Advisory Committee. She also manages the Cultiva Law Blog, and is a regular contributor to many of the nation’s premier cannabis publications including Marijuana Venture, CannaBiz Journal, and the Cannabis Law Journal, among others. She was also recently appointed by the WSBA Board of Governors to serve on the Editorial Advisory Committee 2018-2020.

    Heidi is personally and professionally passionate about advancing the interests of a legitimate and integrous cannabis industry, establishing and enforcing equitable relationships among business partners, supporting and promoting decriminalization efforts, and also coffee. Connect with her on Instagram @MaryJaneEsquire, or email her directly at heidi@cultivalaw.com

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