Dr. Jokubas Žiburkus

Dr. Jokubas Žiburkus

CEO & Co-Founder

Company: MediTaurus LLC & Florance™
Specialization: Neurological Disorders, Novel Treatments of Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s Disease, Cannabinoid Actions in the Brain and Body, Cannabinoid Research
Website: floranceworld.com


Dr. Jokubas Žiburkus is an accomplished scientist and entrepreneur.  In parallel to his extensive biomedical research background, he co-founded MediTaurus, a company that researches and develops the highest quality hemp-based health and wellness products and invests in the most advanced technologies and talents in the emerging cannabis and medical cannabinoid markets.

During his first year as CEO of MediTaurus, Dr. Žiburkus and his team established production and distribution capabilities in the US and EU, created a line of over 20 premium Florance™ hemp CBD products and formulations, and set up collaborations with two EU Health Science and Agricultural universities. In addition, the company under his leadership is developing case and clinical studies with medical doctors studying the effects of Florance™ products on various medical conditions. Finally, MediTaurus produces and sells hemp-based bulk ingredients to the food and drink industries and conducts agricultural advisory services and brokers the sale of premium hemp and hemp flowers.

Dr. Žiburkus’s expertise is in neurological disorders, where much of his research efforts focused on the mechanism and novel treatments of epilepsy and Alzheimer’s Disease, as well as cannabinoid actions in the brain and body. He is a neuroscientist and researcher with over 20 peer-reviewed publications and book chapters, and numerous popular literature publications. Žiburkus is an Associate Professor at the University of Houston where his research is focused on cannabinoid actions in the brain and novel treatments for neurological disorders, with the emphasis of epilepsy. Žiburkus is a recipient of the Global Lithuanian Leader Award for intellectual capital dissemination and the University of Houston’s Teaching Excellence Award. He is a recognized public speaker with a widely watched Tedx Talk entitled, “There is something you should know about epilepsy and cannabis.” Žiburkus has a proven track record of international leadership and strategic planning, and served on several prestigious boards, including Dravet Syndrome Foundation’s Scientific and Medical Advisory Board. Dr. Žiburkus completed his PhD in Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center and completed his postdoctoral fellowships at the Johns Hopkins University, George Mason University, and Pennsylvania State University.

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