Chanda Macias

Chanda Macias

CEO & Owner

Company: National Holistic Healthcare
Specialization: CBD Products, Research and Education
Location Fort Washington


Chanda Macias, PhD, MBA is the CEO and the owner of National Holistic Healing Center (NHHC), the leading medical marijuana dispensary in Washington DC. Dr. Macias has spent 15+ years developing knowledge of medical marijuana impact on patients. Under her leadership, NHHC has earned $6.5M in annual revenues in 3 years with 98% retention, and adding 100+ new patients/month. Dr. Macias contributes growth to the market through education on ailment strain alignment, aligning a medical marijuana strain with a specific condition or ailment.

Dr. Macias educates women and minority entrepreneurs and patients through her outreach platform as the Chairwoman of the Board of Managers for Women Grow with a national educational reach impacting over 50,000+ people and patients. Dr. Macias is a proud member of Americans for Safe Access, promoting safe and legal access to medical marijuana for research purposes. In her local market, she serves as the Treasurer and Secretary of DC Medical Cannabis Trade Association that proactively engages in legislation, regulations, and compliance with the Department of Health. Dr. Macias serves on the Advisory Board of Southern University, a state-funded university, which was granted a license to cultivate medical cannabis in Louisiana. Finally, Dr. Macias serves on the Board of Directors for the Minority Cannabis Business Association focusing on the growth of the industry in existing and emerging markets.
Dr. Macias earned a PhD in Cellular Biology from Howard University, and extensively studied cancer including breast cancer, colon cancer, and evolved into developing a model to understand the mechanism of prostate cancer metastasizes to bone. She has several scientific publications to support the contribution to biomedical research.

As a Research Scientist, Dr. Macias investigated oral diseases and possible treatment options at Colgate-Palmolive Company, a Fortune 500 Company. She contributed to the launch of several billion-dollar brands. Her innovations have resulted in numerous scientific achievements including publications, compilations, U.S. and Global Patients (World Intellectual Property Organization).

Dr. Macias was the Director of STEM Education in the College of Engineering, Architecture, and Computer Sciences at Howard University, where she was awarded over $10M in federally funded grants. Through the NIH-Minority Health International Research Training grant, Dr. Macias trained students including MD’s, PhD’s, and advanced undergraduates in biomedical research including infectious diseases in several global communities to address healthcare disparities.

Dr. Macias earned a MBA from Rutger’s University in Supply Chain Management, and has demonstrated excellence in the design, planning, execution, control, and monitoring of the supply chain in the medical marijuana market. She has created net value, built a competitive infrastructure, leveraged logistics, synchronized supply with demand, and measured performance in the industry. Dr. Macias’ education, experience and skill set have contributed greatly to the medical marijuana industry. She is dedicated to biomedical research, the personal and healthcare industries, and education which is clearly demonstrated.

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